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Why Small Business Owners Should Work with CPAs

Are you struggling to get your company’s finances under control? Whether you’re having trouble creating a realistic budget or paying your taxes, working with a Certified Public Accountant is a great choice for small business owners. Your CPA can help you with lots of tasks, from setting up a payroll system to saving for your own retirement. In addition, the consultants at Your Synergy Team can provide additional guidance to help your business succeed! Here are a few reasons why every entrepreneur should connect with a CPA.

Managing Financial Operations

Handling the day-to-day financial operations for your business can be confusing and time-consuming. Here’s how your CPA can make it easier!

● Your CPA can help you establish a system for getting payroll done.

● Having trouble determining a price point for your products? Get a second opinion from your CPA.

● Reaching out to a consulting agency can also supplement the advice you get from your CPA.

Company Budgeting

You want to make sure that every dollar you spend through your business is an investment in your company’s future, and your CPA can get you on the right track.

● Your CPA can answer all of your pressing questions when it’s time to create or revise your company budget.

● These budgeting mishaps are quite common, but checking in with your CPA will allow you to avoid them.

● Wondering if your financial choices today will pay off in the future? Ask your CPA about creating financial projections.

● How much should you set aside for your own retirement? Your CPA can help you outline a retirement savings plan.

Filing Taxes

Filing taxes as a small business owner gets complicated - but your CPA can assist you throughout the process!

● Don’t get caught off guard when it’s time to file! You can plan for tax season ahead of time with your CPA.

● It’s all too easy to make big mistakes when you’re trying to file company taxes on your own, so check in with a CPA to ensure that you’re in the clear.

● Without your CPA’s direction, you might miss out on these tax perks for entrepreneurs!

Working with a CPA can save you time - and even save you money in the long run! This investment is well worth the fees. By meeting with a CPA, you can gain insight into the right decisions for your company’s future.

Want to work with entrepreneurial experts to grow your business? Your Synergy Team provides a wide range of consulting services! Fill out the contact form on our website today to receive a free sample business plan.

A special thank you to Christopher Haymon from for his contributions to this article.

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