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Professional Business Plan Writers Ready To Help You Raise Capital And Maximize Your Business Results

Starting or operating any business takes tremendous effort. Oftentimes, business owners pour substantial resources into the development or acceleration of the business via a professional business plan or through ongoing business consulting services. The strategy consultants and business plan writers from Synergy Strategy Consulting have earned an impeccable record through our work with business owners across the United States. Our business plan writing services have produced lasting results for our clients, which is why we are viewed as strategic partners and consultants for all of our clients. The longevity, consistency, and impact of our client relationships is best in class. 

Although we love writing professional business plans that have proven success securing funding from banks and other investors, our strategy experts and business plan writers also assume advisor roles in a variety of other capacities to help business owners. Our clients appreciate the robust capabilities we provide and value the partnership we build. Our business acumen and impact simplify the business consulting experiences our clients have and allow for a consistent advisor experience, which cultivates trust, mutual progress, and success.

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Market, Competitor, and Industry Research and Analysis

Learning all about a certain industry and whether to enter it in the first place requires substantial time and effort in a robust market research campaign. Professional business plan writing includes extensive research and market analysis. Our business plan writers have alliances with industry leading data providers like IbisWorld, Kentley Insights, Forrester Research, Mintel, and Statista, and will provide you the insights and conclusions you need to target the right industry and formulate a professional business plan.

Complete Branding Services and Business Strategy Development

Business plan writing begins with defining a company's mission and vision statement. This foundational work will allow a company to create a robust brand identity and determine the optimal competitive positioning, whether differentiation or cost leadership. Our business plan writers and marketing consultants have extensive experience in strategic planning, and will help translate your branding and business strategy into a professional business plan.

Professional Business Plan Consulting and Writing Services 

Writing a business plan is an exhaustive exercise designed to bring granularity to all the moving functional pieces of the proposed business. We will help you craft a winning and action-oriented business plan that is well received by the SBA, banks, and other investors. Our business plan service will complete all external and internal analysis, develop detailed financial plans and proforma projections, and compose a succinct and insightful executive summary. Create a business plan now with the help of our business plan writers.

Comprehensive and Responsive Website Development & Design

Showcasing your brand and offering via a highly responsive, mobile-friendly website design is critical for instilling trust in prospective customers and investors. Initial brand interactions occur through a website, which is why our management consultants will custom make a brilliant, sharp, and engaging web design built with the functionality your situation and ambition require. Having an online presence is an integral part of starting a business and all professional business plan writers will go into great detail about the composition and structure of the business's website and online presence.

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Advertising Solutions

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) need to be foundational work flows for your business. Professional business plans include specific sections dedicated to outlining a business's approach to SEO and SEM. In addition to creating a rich social media presence and following via major social networks, our business planning services will help you design your Google and Microsoft pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. These efforts will promote organic / inorganic traffic to your site.

Providing Support For Backoffice and Other Administrative Actions

Identifying reliable vendors and manufacturers that will help your company work along the value chain is an enormous task. Our strategic business consulting team and top rated business plan writers will help you design process maps and action plans for keeping your value chain fluid. Having reliable and consistent sources of supply are essential to execute a professional business plan. Establishing payroll systems, inventory tracking, and other back office systems are all fundamental aspects of running a business.

Bank Funding and Small Business Administration (SBA) Financing

Sourcing startup capital is an extremely difficult process that requires a professional business plan that addresses the revenue model, the proposed cost structure, and the potential for management to execute. Our strategic business consultants are skilled in both conventional and unconventional capital raising and have formed strategic partnerships with banks and other specialty lenders. Companies acquire capital by borrowing money, issuing equity, or through a revenue sharing model. 

Business Consulting Services to Optimize Operations and Profits

Executing a business plan requires the proper control mechanisms to evaluate success and implement cost savings initiatives. Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and creating data and reporting tools are just some of the ways our business plan consultants can help your organization execute, manage overhead, and maximize sales volume and profit. From advanced pricing analytics to process design and optimization and mergers & acquisitions, our management consulting team can help scale the productivity of your business.

Investor Presentations, Pitch Decks, and Robust Financial Projections

Some lenders and investors like to see the professional business plan elements articulated in an easy-to-read presentation format. Our business plan writers and financial modeling professionals will design a custom investor presentation in 8-12 slides with the critical business model elements and essential financial projections you need to boost your confidence, convey your value proposition to potential clients, and increase your likelihood of success.

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