What all services does Synergy offer?
  • a. Synergy offers comprehensive small business consulting by offering six key services for our clients, listed below. For a more in-depth analysis of what each service includes visit the
    “Services” page on our website.

      • i. Grant Proposals
      • ii. Business Plans
      • iii. Website and Mobile Application Development
      • iv. Search Engine Optimization
      • v. Strategy Transformation
      • vi. Branding Solutions
What will my business plan and/or grant proposal include?
  • a. The following table outlines both the standard business plan and grant proposal. Topics of solutions are subject to change depending on clients’ needs, or if Synergy deems fit due to the nature of a specific industry.
Business Plan* Grant Proposal*
Executive Summary Program Title
Industry Analysis Executive Summary
Macroeconomic Analysis Project Description/Background
Mission Problem Statement
Vision Goals/Objectives
Problem Statement Program Activities
Business Strategy Timeline
Competitive Positioning Staff
Resources & Capabilities Evaluation Plan
Operations Budget Narrative
Costing Model
Proforma P&L
Proforma Balance Sheet
B/E Analyses

*A free sample business plan and/or grant proposal are available upon customer request, following the free consultation meeting.

How long does the complete business plan process take?
  • a. Synergy aims to complete the final draft (which includes implemented feedback from the customer) within three weeks of receiving a signed statement of work. Each business plan presents unique challenges, however, that our writers and researchers must overcome. This may increase or decrease time to completion by as much as one week.
How long does the grant proposal process take?

a. The grant proposal process starts with a signed statement of work and ends with the final proposal submission. A finalized grant proposal can take between three and six weeks to complete.

How long will it take to build my website and/or mobile application?

a. Building a website from scratch typically takes 1-1.5 months while an application development can take 2-4 months.

What should I bring to the free consultation to be prepared?
  • a. Upon scheduling a free consultation with Synergy, one of our team members will promptly send a comprehensive questionnaire to your given email address. It is advised that you spend time reading through and filling out the questionnaire to the best of your ability, so that we may discuss it further at our meeting. Additionally, bring a prepared list of any questions you have for us!
What is required of me throughout the business plan and/or grant proposal process?
  1. a. We offer a very turnkey solution to our clients and so all we ask if that sufficient time is put towards the questionnaires and that you attend the three meetings we customarily have, the first being a discovery call.
How much money can I expect from a grant?

a. Smaller corporate grants often award around $10,000 – $50,000, whereas federal grants can reach into the millions of dollars. Precise dollar amounts awarded depend on an organization’s goals, budget, competencies, and other objective and subjective factors.

When will I hear back about the results of my grant submission?

a. Every organization has a unique timeline and process for making their award decisions. Oftentimes, proposals will be awarded or rejected within three to twelve months.

Is it more challenging to receive a grant if I’m a for-profit company?

a. Being a for-profit company does not prohibit your organization from receiving grant awards. The overall pool of available grants shrinks as a for-profit company.

Can you provide a list of references?

Please contact Kyle Proctor directly for a list [email protected]

How important is my credit score when trying to secure financing?

a. It is important. Synergy has multiple strategies to help boost your score before requesting financing. Building credit take takes time and oftentimes we slow a project down while a client builds his/her credit.

Why is search engine optimization important?

a. SEO is extremely important because it’s a technique for ranking your website on Google and other search engines. SEO consists of off-page and on-page technical work. Once a domain is acquired Synergy advises clients to begin the off-page SEO strategy immediately as SEO in general takes time.

What makes Synergy unique from the others?

a. Synergy is a unique advisor as our team has substantial real-world, industry experience so everything we do is done through a business lens.

How do payments work for the various services you offer?

a. A 50% retainer fee is collected at the execution of the statement of work and the balance due is collected when the final solution is delivered.

Were our FAQ’s helpful? If you have more questions, contact us here [email protected]