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Investing in a professional business plan is a significant investment. We will promptly address any questions you may have about our process

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1. How expensive are your services?

We aim to be market competitive and offer price value to our clients. Most business plans range between $3,000 and $4,000. Your project will not be billed on an hourly basis. Fees are determined in advance and so there will never be hidden costs or other fees involved to complete your project.

2. Do you offer a payment or installment plan?

Yes, we offer two different payment options, neither of which requires a social security number or a credit check. The first option allows for four equal payments over a four week period while the second allows for four equal payments over an eight week period.

3. Who from your team will I be working with?

You will work directly with Kyle Proctor, the Founder of our firm, and one individual from the management team. Most project teams include two individuals responsible for completing the scope of work while our entire management team is brought in for final reviews and edits of the project deliverables.

4. How much information will I need to provide?

We will never send you a lengthy questionnaire to complete. We much prefer to have a series of Zoom meetings over the project's timeline as we believe that direct conversation tends to be the most meaningful approach to exploring issues, identifying assumptions, and capturing your thoughts and ideas.

5. Will you help me secure a loan or raise funding?

Each scope of work varies but for clients engaged with creating a business plan that need funding, our management team will identify three potential banks and/or suitable lenders . Our project team will coordinate and also attend these meetings to ensure you have the highest likelihood of success.

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