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A Few Words about Synergy Consulting

Incorporated in January 2021, Synergy Strategy Consulting recently celebrated serving its 100th client. Primarily aimed at serving small businesses, Synergy is considered a full-service management consulting firm. With the foresight and competencies, Synergy offers, clients continue to praise us for our business acumen, technical skills, and writing abilities.

The diverse team of four professionals is composed of an attorney, an engineer, a CPA, and a finance MBA who all bring their wealth of experience into a collaborative effort that strives to rebuild American small businesses. We have the right team in place to tackle any problem a client might have.

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Our Mission

Play an active role in the re-building of American small business

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to assist small businesses with all their needs and take strategic steps to position them for success.

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    Core Capabilities And Proven Areas Of Expertise

    Our Business Consulting Services

  • Grant Research and Writing

    Using a comprehensive approach, Synergy assists small businesses with writing winning business plans that maximize profit.

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    Comprehensive Business Plans

    Using a comprehensive approach, Synergy assists small businesses with comprehensive business planning services to help them succeed.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Ranking your website on search engines is a time-consuming process but Synergy is equipped with the tools and resources to drive organic traffic to your site.

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    Web/App Development

    Synergy brings substantial technical experience and is capable and willing to help clients refine or launch new websites and applications.

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    Strategic Transformation

    By leveraging data, structured thinking, and analytical methods, Synergy helps small businesses with strategic transformation.

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    Complete Branding Solutions

    Driving trial and traffic demands a compelling branding position, and Synergy assists clients with crafting winning marketing plans.

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    A Word by the Owner

    Since he was a little boy, Kyle was immersed in small business. He is a third generation small business owner. After undergraduate studies in California, he moved to Houston, TX where he began his professional career in the consumer packaged goods industry. After 12 years of industry experience and a MBA from Rice University, Kyle started Synergy Small Business Strategy in 2018.

    Kyle loves working with small business owners and is blessed to have been given the opportunity to play a role in strengthening the roots of the U.S. economy. Kyle lives in Fernandina Beach, FL and is married with three beautiful children.

    Kyle Proctor | Founder & CEO, Synergy Strategy Consulting, Inc.

  • Modern Planning Shaping The Future of Small Business

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    Designer Skin CEO

    Kyle has been extremely accommodating and patient with me during this startup journey! I have been back and forth with many ideas and he is always forbearing and willing to lend ideas to help move things forward! I am very excited to work with Kyle and will always be indebted to him for his assistance in helping me with my dream business!

    Kortney Meszewski CEO

    Working with Kyle made everything easier. Developing a company from scratch is difficult but with Kyle it made the process less stressful and he gave us so much support. I told Kyle he is with us for the long haul. I will continue to work with him as long as I need a business consultant.

    Alexis C Austriaco CEO/Founder

    Synergy Strategy Consulting has been a pleasure to work with. Kyle and his team are very patient and diligent into making sure we reach our goals as a company. I would work with Synergy Strategy Consulting again.

    Douglas Fisher Executive Director

    I approached Kyle and his team for a project regarding grant writing for replacing all of the lighting in the auditorium/fine arts center I administrate. While we don’t know about the results of the grant request yet, Kyle and Synergy were amazing in their work and the product that helped me get to the grant providers. Hopefully, I will have good news in April 2022.

    LaQuanna Addison Owner of Little Superstars Studio, LLC.

    Working with Kyle and his team has been a great experience. Meetings to keep me updated and informed of the process, quick responses anytime that I may have a question and great understanding of my goals were of high importance for me and Kyle and his team took care of all of that. Grant writing is not a simple task, so if you want it done right and you want it done professionally, Synergy Strategy is the way to go. Keep up the great work Synergy Strategy

    Keving McGinnis Founder & SEO ( Nabor )

    Synergy Consulting was great to work with! Kyle was incredibly responsive, very insightful, and used detailed reports to boost our business plan to the next level. He and his team worked to create a story for our business that had been there, but was waiting to be told. I appreciate the hard work, thorough analysis, and quality they delivered. Highly recommend!

    Anyi Atabong Founder & CEO (One Dynasty Group)

    Working with Kyle has been one of the best decisions our business decided to do! He and his team are extremely knowledgeable and professional! He walked us through the whole process telling us what to expect from day 1! We have had no surprises and he’s ready to answer questions at all times! Synergy is so amazing, we are actually looking at other projects we want them to work on! You can tell he is passionate about his work and his company making for an even better fit as we are also passionate about what we do! We’re grateful!

    Zadiq Khayr Founder & CEO (Khayr Logistics LLC)

    Simply put, Kyle’s knowledge in his field is impressive. He’s knowledgeable yet humble enough to ask for your opinion along the way. I highly recommend Synergy.

    Brianna Robins Founder & CEO (Herb Couriers)

    Very great experience with help for writing out my business plan. Very responsive to my questions. Very pleased with the outcome and finished product.